Zamów darmowy próbny trening o wartości 120 zł

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Bartek Kopciński


As a little boy, I wanted to become a basketball player, unfortunately I did not get the right physical conditions, but I do not give up and do not give up my dreams so quickly. I thought to bite it from the other side and help athletes as an orthopedic surgeon. It was not my calling ... but every thought and choice was always close to man. Ultimately, my true vocation found me, studying in the field of Physiotherapy.

I believe that this is the best thing I could do because I will be able to actively participate in the athlete's life all the time. But can only an athlete count on such help? Of course not. Anyone with a desire to change their current lifestyle can contact me, and even should. In my opinion, the most important thing is everyday fitness, the figure comes and goes, and thanks to proper work on the fitness of the whole body, the figure will also start to rebuild.

The most important thing is to believe that nothing is impossible and plans that cannot be realized are only those that are like a longer journey. In which I wanted to invite everyone who only wants and needs it.