Zamów darmowy próbny trening o wartości 120 zł

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For 12 years I have been doing sports. I trained professionally football and also judo, of which I’m instructor right now. Working with individual clients and possibility to observe their development, gives me a great satisfaction. Through contact with many forms of physical activity, I have a great resource of exercises and training methods, whereby every training is different. We can work together on improvement of your health condition, shape, silhouette and frame of mind. With me, training is various and adapted to your physical capabilities. From month to month we set new goal, to which we constantly seek.

I am a graduate of University School of Physical Education in Gdańsk. I have the title of judo instructor given by University School of Physical Education as well as a title of personal trainer given by Polish Association of Fitness Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. What is more, I am 1st and 2nd degree masseur.