Every modern company is aware that the efficiency of the employees’ work depends on their frame of mind and appropriate motivation of the team. Personal training can improve both this factors. Activities like these can bring huge benefits both for employee and for you. Such training can be a great idea for an award for and employee, both for tangible achievement and as a gift for Christmas.

Besides that it will increase their motivation, it will also give them more energy to work. We offer group trainings as well, which are a very good plan for weekend meeting, during which we will take care of relaxed and sports atmosphere and we will prepare interesting training both with risk elements and team building.


Main benefits of personal training for employees::

  • Better feeling and better condition and, what goes after that, more energy on a daily basis, higher work performance and creativity
  • Increase of natural body’s immunity
  • Increase of self confidence
  • Improvement of self-presentation
  • Improvement of atmosphere and group cooperation (in case of group trainings)

We offer a few variants of possible cooperation:

  • Voucher for single meeting with personal trainer. Training lasts 120 minutes (30 minutes conversation about eating habits and diet + 90 minutes of training) – cost 110 zł.
  • Voucher for 3 meetings with personal trainer, 90 minutes each. Cost 270 zł.
  • Group trainings outside (stadium, forest) or on the gym. Training considering team building exercises. Activities lasting 1-3 hours. Prices set individually, depending of number of people training and type and duration of training.
  • Trainings/lectures in the field of training and/or proper diet (topic to be determined)

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