ACTIVE LIFE proposes personal or in pairs trainings. Every training lasts 90 minutes and is adapted to client’s personal abilities. Trainings are very varied, we avoid boredom! Sets of exercises are often changes, as well as scenery of training.


We invite you to personal training in one of our locations or in the field. If you want to lose weight, improve your figure and well-being, and also spend time in a great atmosphere, please contact us. Don't wait, don't hesitate, start today!



“I recommend personal trainings with Michał!! I did everything to lose unnecessary kilograms, but I have never succeeded. I hit upon Active Life website and Michał, the trainer..."



Active Life founder. For many years I have been engaged in personal training in Tricity. Through this years I was working with individual client only, that is why I have extensive experience in individualization of training program. I can create interesting and differential training program for people who want to lose weight, improve the silhouette, increase muscle mass or just improve their shape. I try to draw every client to passion for the sport and healthy lifestyle. With client, we set goals possible to gain and constantly seek to their realization. Every training is a new challenge, battle with our own weaknesses, a little bit of good humor during the breaks and satisfaction from well-done job.

Marek - trener personalny



I started my adventure with sport at the age of 12. Then my first badminton training took place. I have won many medals at the Polish Championships in this discipline. Badminton is not the only one of my sport passions. First of all, I love functional and strength training. I can't imagine a day without training! This is my way of life and I devote myself to it every day.I am glad that as a personal trainer I can promote a healthy lifestyle and infect my clients with it. I will gladly help you in setting a common training goal, and then I will do my best to achieve this goal!

Marysia - trenerka personalna



I tried various disciplines, including basketball, cross-country running and training in a dance group. The contact with various disciplines meant that at an early age I learned what is regularity, patience and humility. Above all, being physically active is having fun. For me, the gym is a second home, and regular training is an important part of your lifestyle.

I am glad that as a personal trainer, together with my pupils, I can achieve their goals, at the same time showing them that the path to better shape or health can be something pleasant and exciting.

Natalia - trenerka personalna



My adventure with sports began at the swimming pool, with swimming and sports rescue. After years of training, I managed to win medals at the seaside Polish Championships in sports rescue.

With time, I started trying other forms of training and it was a bull's eye. Strength, functional or crossfit training was what I missed. Years of training have taught me patience and regularity in the training process.

Ola - trenerka personalna



I have been leading an active lifestyle since the age of 12. During this time, I went through many forms of physical activity, including running, cycling, crossfit, and strength sports.

Currently, my training focuses mainly on improving the fitness and versatility of the body. I don't like monotony in training, so I experiment a lot and look for new activities.

Krzysztof Mielcarek



I started my adventure with sports with football. I played in several Polish clubs and one English club. I also played 3 matches for the U-19 team. Currently involved in: - Crossfit (in 2020, I even managed to break the Guinness Record in training for 60 minutes of Burpees). - taking part in ultra mountain runs.

Aleksander Piątkowski



Physical activity in my passion from an early age. I was training different sport disciplines, but I got involved the most with athletics – specializing in 400 meters hurdles. I learned to be systematic, how to set goals and how to realize them. Until now running is my passion to which I try to draw people. I care that people, regardless of age, could have good shape and health. I take up challenges with great pleasure. I want to help people using my knowledge and tips. I have a lot of motivation, determination and optimism. I know a lot of exercises and training methods, what makes that I can adapt myself to individual client’s needs. I work always with a smile on my face!

Ewa - trenerka personalna

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I am a graduate of the dietitian of Gdansk Medical University. Currently, he continues his scientific development as an assistant at the Department of Biochemistry AWFiS in Gdansk. The science works in conjunction with athletes of varying degrees of training, who teaches about the effectiveness of popular nutritional and dietary supplements. My main goal is to educate athletes that the greatest benefits are achieved by simple and rational nutrition with the possible addition of dietary supplements, which, unfortunately, are often inappropriate for the current needs of the body.

In addition, I systematically improve my qualifications by attending nutrition and nutrition conferences, including the International Sports and Exercise Nutrition Conference 2014 and 2015, and I am the author of the website.



MSc physiotherapy, founder of functional rehabilitation rehabilitation clinic, cooperating with the best therapists and masseuses in the 3rd city. Participant of many training and courses including: PNF, Mc Kenzie, manual therapy according to Mulligan, dry needle, FDM, FMS, Anatomy Trains and many others.

His favorite physiotherapy parlors are orthopedic and sports therapy as well as biomechanical movement analysis, injury prevention and fascia therapy.